R. Blake Edmonds, DMD

Dr. Edmonds is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine. He completed his residency in anesthesia at the Medical College of Pennsylvania and was awarded by examination, Fellowship stats in the American Society of Dental Anesthesiology.

In addition, Dr. Edmonds is a former U.S. Navy Dental Officer (Reserves). Dr. Edmonds served as a clinical dentist and staff member in the Chester-Crozer Hospital system in Chester, PA until 1989 and remained in private practice for over thirty years.

In 2015 Dr. Edmonds formally introduced the new practice United Dental USA. He looks forward to seeing all of his old patients and welcomes new patients as well! Hope to see your smile soon!

Gerald Daly, DMD

Dr. Daly is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Dental School. He is a certified Dental Anesthesiologist from the Medical College of Pennsylvania (Fellow). Dr. Daly is also in fellow with the Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Daly worked in private practice from 1975 to 2009, when he sold his practice. Presently Dr. Daly works between United Dental USA and a staff dentist with the Veterans Administration Hospital from 2005 to the present.

Carolyn Beaman, Office Manager

Carolyn has been working in the dental field as an office manager for over 20 years. She is responsible for making sure the day to day operations of the office run smoothly. Carolyn can be described as a caring and friendly person who loves to interact with the patients on a daily basis.

Carolyn states that she enjoys her job and loves being able to help people understand their insurance along with proposed treatment. One of the rewards of the job is seeing their smile once treatment is completed. When Carolyn is not a United Dental USA, she enjoys reading, shopping and spending time with family and friends.

Dana Jones, Dental Assistant

DanaTay is a graduate from the school of Delaware Valley Academy of Medical and Dental Assistants. She has been in the dental field for 13 years. Working for Dr. Daly and Dr. Edmonds during the duration of those 13 years has been very rewarding for her. She chose the field of dentistry because she knew it would challenge her throughout the years due to the fact that it’s a field that is always evolving which would lead to her always learning and growing as well. Dana loves to make people laugh which helps in comforting the patients especially those who may fear the visit to the dentist. This also gives the patient an opportunity to show their new beautiful smiles. You may also catch Dana humming or singing a song which has given many patients a good laugh as well. In her spare time Dana does community service on a regular basis. She also likes to dabble in makeup and fashion but most importantly she loves spending time with family and friends!

Sonya Heath, Dental Assistant

Sonya has been in the dental field for over 20 years. She attended Harcum College as well as Lyons Technical Institute.

Sonya enjoys being a dental assistant because she loves working with people as well as with her hands. Sonya is a people person and with smiling being one of her greatest assets, she’s sure to make you happy! Sonya believes when one can smile with confidence, they feel good about themselves. If she can aide in helping one achieve a beautiful smile, her job is fulfilled. As your dental assistant, Sonya strives to make your visit a happy one!